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ARM opencl : NEON and MALI

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ARM opencl : NEON and MALI

Postby thomas » 2015年 Feb 12日, 09:44

OpenCL supports two ‘profiles’:

‘Full Profile’, which provides the full set of OpenCL features
‘Embedded Profile’, which is a strict subset of the Full Profile – and is provided for compatibility with legacy systems

The OpenCL for NEON driver and the OpenCL for Mali Midgard GPU driver both support Full Profile.
The heritage of OpenCL from desktop systems means that most existing OpenCL software algorithms have been developed for Full Profile.
This makes ARM’s Full Profile support very attractive to programmers who can develop on desktop using mature tools with increased productivity
and get products to market faster.
Another key benefit is that floating point calculations in OpenCL Full Profile are compliant with the IEEE-754 standard, guaranteeing the precision of results.

the ARM OpenCL framework can be connected to other OpenCL frameworks in order to extend OpenCL beyond NEON and Mali GPUs to proprietary hardware devices,
for example those built with FPGA fabric. This is achieved by using the Khronos Installable Client Driver (ICD) which is supported by the ARM OpenCL framework.
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