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FFTS : "The Fastest Fourier Transform in the South"

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FFTS : "The Fastest Fourier Transform in the South"

Postby thomas » 2015年 Feb 12日, 16:54


FFTS ("The Fastest Fourier Transform in the South") is a C library that computes the discrete Fourier transform (DFT).
Compared to other state-of-the-art FFT libraries, FFTS has been shown to be the fastest in most cases,
and furthermore, FFTS is developed under the BSD license and thus it is totally free to use for private and commercial applications.

This software was developed at the University of Waikato by Anthony M. Blake.

It's faster than FFTW which is GPL license!


FFTS supports SSE/SSE2 on x86, and VFP and NEON on ARM.
FFTS using dynamic code generation, and the binary is orders of magnitude smaller than other libraries.
FFTS doesn't need calibration (while being faster than libraries which do rely on time-consuming calibration)
Fourier transforms on power of 2 length inputs. i.e. 2's exponential
Fourier transforms on purely real inputs or outputs
Multi-dimensional Fourier transforms
C and JNI interfaces enable FFTS to be used in a variety of applications, include Java, iOS and Android apps
Developed under the BSD License, FFTS is totally free, even for commercial apps
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